Dynasty - Preseason Takeaways and TQE Intro

September 1, 2018

Welcome back to the FFD260 Dynasty Podcast. Jared (@ThatGuyFromJerz) and Mark (@LeipoldNFL) are back to discuss the latest from preseason battles and news including a big trade involving Teddy Bridgewater. We also have Eliot Crist (@EliotCrist) of The Quant Edge (@TheQuantEdge) on to discuss preseason takeaways that may impact dynasty outlooks and roster construction. Finally, Jared and Mark pick Eliot's brain about some of the awesome new tools offered by TQE. Remeber to use the promo code ELIOT to get 10% off at www.thequantedge.com today! TQE has some amazing new tools never seen before, including some awesome sports betting additions coming soon. As always, check us out online at www.FFDynasty260.com, on Twitter at @FFD260, and in this feed for all your fantasy football content.